Baja Lime Tostadas

February 15, 2009

We eat a lot of chicken.  Not going to lie – sometimes it gets a little bit boring.  I was looking for a way up our poultry tastings, but I needed something quick.  I make homemade tortilla chips a lot by just baking tortilla shells, so I got the idea to try and make homemade tostadas.  First, I marinated the chicken overnight in my FAVORITE mexi-flavored marinade, Annie’s Organic Baja Lime Marinade.  I first picked this marinade up on a whim when I was looking for a lower sodium marinades and it’s one I’ve gone back to time and time again.

Annie's Baja Lime Marinade

Annie's Baja Lime Marinade

I put the tortilla shells (small ones) on a cookie sheet and sprayed them with cooking spray.  They went in the oven at 400 degrees for just about 6 minutes.  (I flipped them half way through.)  In the meantime, I cooked the chicken on my indoor grill.  When the tostadas were good and crispy, I pilled them up with 2 oz of chicken each and 1 T of shredded cheese.  I put them back in for just another minute to get the cheese a little melty.  When they came out, I dolloped them with 1 T of low fat sour cream and a reckless amount of salsa.

Chicks on the Indoor Grill

Chicks on the Indoor Grill

They were delicious, but we weren’t sure whether you were supposed to pick them up and eat them or slice them up.  We folded them like NY style pizzas and tried to catch the runaway salsa.  So good!

Finished Product!  Eat up!

Finished Product! Eat up!

Although it’s a bit of an estimate with the salsa, they should be around 240 calories.  (215 pre-salsa, with 85-cals coming from the tortilla shell.)


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