Snack Time!

March 2, 2009

I really look forward to snacks – I think of them as mini meals, in fact. Usually I look for snacks that are either a combo of a protein + carb or a carb with fiber. Calorie counts range from 150-250 depending on when I’m eating next. One of my bigger snacks is my yogurt combo. I have this on my early mornings. When breakfast is at 5 am, and lunch looms 7 hours or so in the distance, this snack is really like a second breakfast.

I stir 1 container of Yoplait Light together with one container of Fage 0% in one tupperware and split them up into 2 portions. Doing so keeps the calorie count at 90, but drops the sugar from 14g in the Yoplait to 10g in the new combo, and ups the protein from a measly 5g to 9g. (You can eat the regular Fage at 80 cals, 6g sugar, 13g protein but it’s not quite sweet enough for my taste, which is why I mix it with the Yo’.) Then for some crunch, I mix in about 2 T of Kashi cereal, dried cherries, Fiber One, or BearNaked granola… whatever I happen to have in the pantry. The add in can vary in calories, so just read the labels. The result is a yogurt that’s a little less sweet than what you’re probably used to, but very smooth, and the add-in give it some texture.

Yogurt Combos, Ready to GO

Yogurt Combos, Ready to GO

Yogurt with Mix Ins

Yogurt with Mix Ins


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