March 6, 2009

While traveling home to Rochester last night, I thought I had planned ahead enough with some travel food – yogurt, luna bar, celery + laughing cow, and some almonds. (You’d think I was going to be without food for a week, but I left Winston at 1 and including driving to Charlotte, wasn’t home in NY until 10:30!) Turns out my 3 hour layover in B-more got the best of me, and I had to scrounge up some airport food. I got the fruit & walnut salad at McD’s which I love sans the weird yogurt/cream cheese like dip… totally easy to skip. But I wanted a little more protein and thought I’d try the Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap. My verdict: GROSS. At 270 calories, I’ll just take a regular burger next time. There was way too much sauce on it (ranch dressing), and too much tortilla. I felt like I was just eating wet bread. I tried to just eat the chicken solo but even that had a weird texture to it. So, after a few bites, I just gave up and ate my apples and those crazygood sugar-coated walnuts in the salad. Lesson learned!

Snack Wrap & Fruit + Walnut Salad

Snack Wrap & Fruit + Walnut Salad


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