That’s More Like It

March 10, 2009

Traveling again. This time to Tampa for the Nutrition, Physical Activity & Metabolism Conference. I learned from my airport food snafu last week and planned ahead a little better, packing snacks and lunch food galore. For lunch, I had a turkey sandwich on the Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins by Arnold’s (my new fave, which I picked up from my mom.) I also found this lovely little combo of veggie sticks with some ranch dressing. I estimated the dressing cup to be about 3 Tbsp of dip. The only thing I had to buy once past security was a big ol’ bottle of water. I was surprised to see the 1L bottle was comparable price-wise to the 20 oz, so I grabbed that – and then of course, had to go bolting from the plane when we landed in Tampa, my plan to stay well hydrated nearly backfiring. To arrive somewhere post-long day of travel not feeling sluggish and crappy was a nice change of pace.

Way Better Airport Food.  Cos It's My Food.

Way Better Airport Food. Cos It's My Food.


One Response to “That’s More Like It”

  1. Jen Says:

    OH MY GOD I also love whole wheat sandwich thins from Arnold’s. The day I first found them at the Teeter was indeed a happy day for me. 🙂

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