Take That, Fried Fish.

March 16, 2009

There’s one thing I’ve noticed about living in the South and that is folks down here looove them some fried *INSERT ANY FOOD HERE.* Most notably, however, are fried fish (accompanied by the oh so delicious hush puppies.) This is my version, that involves very little frying and very much spices. The key to cutting back your frying is to ramp up your spices so your tastebuds still have something to dance about.

Catfish, Corn & Smashers

Catfish, Corn & Smashers

These are catfish fillets, but I’ve done the same with tilapia. I use a spice called Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seafood Seasoning, but that’s only because I came across it at TJ Maxx’s one time and it was on sale. *Shrugs* You could use any kind of seasoning blend, I’d definitely recommend having some garlic, onion, and paprika and/or chili powder in it. Sprinkle liberally and toss the little guys in a well-sprayed (with Pam or Olive Oil) pan with just a tsp of olive oil extra per fillet. THAT’S IT.

I pair this with a starch and a veggie (although I’d say that corn is more of a starch than a veggie, but it was Valentine’s Day and Hubby prefers corn over broccoli, so two starches in this pic.) It’s super easy, fast and healthy. Which pretty much knocks out all the good excuses to not eat healthy. So, take that, fried fish!*

*No, unfortunately I have found no healthy switch for hush puppies.


3 Responses to “Take That, Fried Fish.”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Will you post the recipe for the smashers? They look oh so yummy.

  2. […] 25, 2009 Jamie asked me to publish my recipe for my smashers back in my “fried fish” entry, and although I don’t have a recipe per se, I do have a secert weapon.  It […]

  3. […] asked me to publish my recipe for my smashers back in my “fried fish” entry, and although I don’t have a specific recipe that I use, I do have a secret […]

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