My Secert Weapon

April 25, 2009

Jamie asked me to publish my recipe for my smashers back in my “fried fish” entry, and although I don’t have a specific recipe that I use, I do have a secret weapon.  It is…. :::drum roll please::::: YOGURT!



I use yogurt in anything that calls for creamy, goopy textures and tastes.  The smashers on that day were requested by my hubby to be “traditional” smashers (read: no subbing cauliflowers in, no swapping goat cheese for butter, and REAL BUTTER PLEASE.)  I just knew I couldn’t make them for-real old school, all butter and whole milk, but I did want to create a creamy, rich taste the way smashers are supposed to be.  So, in went an entire container of yogurt, along with 2 T of butter.  Yup, just 2 T for the whole dish, along with a small pat on the top of the pile for visual appeal when finished.  (An Ellie Krieger “we eat with our eyes” trick.)  It was delish, and hubby was thoroughly satisfied.

I use both the Fage Greek yogurt and Stonyfield plain yogurt in almost any recipe that requires creaminess: I’ve used it in chicken tetrazini and subbed out some of the cream of chicken soup, in mashed potatoes, in making homemade bleu cheese dip, in my aunt’s famous sour cream chicken enchiladas.  There is no creamy recipe in which I am above dumping in an entire thing of yogurt and secretly sneaking out most of the cream, sour cream or whole milk.

Homemade Bleu Cheese Dip... with yogurt!

Homemade Bleu Cheese Dip... with yogurt!

So, there’s my secret!  Smash away!

Smashed potatos: (in my house growing up, smashed meant you leave the skins on)  1# potatos, 2 T butter, 8 oz fage yogurt.   Made 4 servings at 170 calorie each, according to my fave calorie calculator.


3 Responses to “My Secert Weapon”

  1. marthaandme Says:

    That’s a good tip. I’ve made those “No Pudge” brownie mixes that use yogurt and they’re good, but haven’t tried substituting yogurt in other recipes. I will give it a try.

  2. Connie Pettinger Says:

    Megan, Love what you are doing here. Many of your subs I have discovered over the years; however, yogurt is new to me in creamy receipes. I have just not made anything creamy including potatoes, guess because I like putting calories to use other ways than with potatoes and creamy receipes. Keep up the work here. You are close to being a guest on Martha Stewart’s show. Although I don’t care much for her,I recommend pursuing getting on her show with your site once you feel it is where you want it to be.
    Love and best wishes. Connie Pettinger

    • megcline Says:

      Thanks for the wonderful compliment, Connie! Thanks for stopping by and hope you keep coming back! Maybe you’ll see me one day with Martha. 🙂 – Meg

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