And A Little Bit of Chicken Fried

May 7, 2009

All credits on that title obviously go to the Zac Brown Band… one of my favorite songs of late. (Aptly named “Chicken Fried.” Creative.) I mentioned before that living in the South means lots and lots of fried food. It took me forever to realize that when someone mentioned “seasonings” in their green beans, they ain’t talking Mrs. Dash. So, one of the biggest challenges I’ve had as a weight loss coach is introducing people with “seasoned” palates to new and tasty alternatives and convincing them that healthy can be yummy.

When I got this month’s Everyday Food magazine, I knew right the first recipe I wanted to try was the Oven Fried Chicken. I’ve done other variations of this but it never turns out with that juicy flavor that I know those who love tried&true fried crave. This one started with a buttermilk marinade, so I had high hopes for it being a little more authentic.

The recipe is right here, so I won’t go ahead and type it all out. But I will tell you about my tweaks. The recipe says to toast the breadcrumbs for 8-12 minutes. I noticed at 7 minutes they were starting to burn so I pulled them out. They were just about to pass the point of no return, but I was able to rescue them in time. (Thought it was my new oven was too hot, but turns out someone else had the same experience!)

Breadcrumbs, Baking

Breadcrumbs, Baking

I only used my olive oil spritzer on the crumbs and tossed them before baking. I also used boneless, skinless chicken breast and powdered buttermilk (add water) – just because that’s what I happened to have on hand.

Pantry Staples.  (Um, Freezer Staples, too.) Good Stuff.

Pantry Staples. (Erm, Freezer Staples, too.) Good Stuff.

I liked the recipe because it was all things I had in my pantry already, and it was relatively quick. I paired it with a baked sweet potato and a salad. Using my fave calorie count, I calculated my version to be 190 per serving (4 servings with a pound of chicken breast.) With a large sweet tater (160 cals + 30 for 2 tsp brown sugar + 30 1 tsp butter = 220 cals), dinner clocks in at 410 cals. (You can go halves on the sweet tater for budgeting purposes, if you need to.) Pair it up with a big green salad and you’ll be one happy eater. You might not even miss the fried chicken. REALLY. (Ok, give it a few tries…)

Time for Dinner, Ya'll!

Time for Dinner, Ya'll!


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