The Greek Yogurt Obsession

June 21, 2009

Ya’ll know how much I love Greek yogurt in just about everything right? Well, I’ve taken the obsession a step farther. Recently we adopted Buddy, a 5 year old sheltie rescue. One of his habits he came pre-packaged with was refusing to eat his hard food without some soft food gravy mixed in with it. This is something I wanted to break him off (daily gravy? no child of mine, not even a furry one!) and one day, while I staring into my fridge it came to me – YOGURT! Another Sheltie owner had told me she mixed in canned carrots with her dog’s food, and a tsp of plain regular yogurt. I thought Greek yogurt would be perfect, because there’s nothing artificial in it. Lo and behold, Buddy loves Greek yogurt as much as me.

Next thing you know, I’ll have found out a way to clean my bathtub with it.

Buddy Loves Yogurt Too!

Buddy Loves Yogurt Too!


One Response to “The Greek Yogurt Obsession”

  1. americanadian07 Says:

    GOOD WORK! I hate hate that doggy gravy stuff.. its nasty and no good for them either!

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