March 6, 2009

While traveling home to Rochester last night, I thought I had planned ahead enough with some travel food – yogurt, luna bar, celery + laughing cow, and some almonds. (You’d think I was going to be without food for a week, but I left Winston at 1 and including driving to Charlotte, wasn’t home in NY until 10:30!) Turns out my 3 hour layover in B-more got the best of me, and I had to scrounge up some airport food. I got the fruit & walnut salad at McD’s which I love sans the weird yogurt/cream cheese like dip… totally easy to skip. But I wanted a little more protein and thought I’d try the Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap. My verdict: GROSS. At 270 calories, I’ll just take a regular burger next time. There was way too much sauce on it (ranch dressing), and too much tortilla. I felt like I was just eating wet bread. I tried to just eat the chicken solo but even that had a weird texture to it. So, after a few bites, I just gave up and ate my apples and those crazygood sugar-coated walnuts in the salad. Lesson learned!

Snack Wrap & Fruit + Walnut Salad

Snack Wrap & Fruit + Walnut Salad


Last Tuesday I started the day with two really early groups, a 6:30 am class and a 7:30 am class.  Despite having had a Cliff bar and banana before I left the house, I was ready for breakfast #2.  I was having a meeting at Starbucks and discovered their new breakfast menu.  I was delightfully surprised by their “Perfect Oatmeal.”  It was the perfect complement to my skinny latte.

Perfect Oatmeals make the perfect breakfast
Perfect Oatmeal make the perfect breakfast

It’s 140 calories and came with a packet of 50 calories of brown sugar.  (Half was plenty to sweeten the whole bowl.)