Ever since my first job as a barista at a canal side coffee shop, I’ve been kind of obsessed with chai tea lattes.  I made them with various mixes and eventually graduated to buying bags of chai tea and just mixing it with hot milk.  Last year a friend of mine brought me back real Chai from India and I was smitten.  It was a whole new flavor experience…. Kind of like going from Boone’s Farm to a Cakebread Chardonnay.  (Sorry, any Boone’s fans out there…)

A few months ago, I posted a blog about my chai tea recipe and I was pretty psyched when I got a follow up comment from Ricardo from Yogic Chai.  He offered to send me some tea samples, and I said sure, cos who doesn’t love free things right?  I wouldn’t say I was skeptical, but I wasn’t expecting much more beyond my already delicious chai.

3 20 10 Tea 007

Ya’ll.  There are different kinds of chai tea.  Did you know this?  I did not know this!

I took my first sip of coconut chai tea and thought …wow.  No bitter after taste.  Silky smooth.  I didn’t even need to add honey… (Which was good, because apparently my Southern to the bone hubby had used it up on biscuits the night before. )

The next one I tried was coconut chai.  COCONUT.  I’d be stretching a little bit to say that I felt like putting a tiny umbrella in my cup and kickin’ back on a beach… but it was pretty darn delicious and lovely.  (It ended up being my fave, in fact.)

3 20 10 Tea 016

BUT ANYWAYS… the rest were all delicious too.  I even got to the point where I was just having the tea sans latte part.  I know that’s going to sound crazy to you veteran tea drinkers out there, but i really have never just liked straight up tea.  But, I’m a convert.  It can be done.

So now that I’m done gushing, go ahead and check out his site.  If you break each order down by the cup, you’ll be amazed at how affordable it is.  (Especially when I think about what I pay to go through a certain drive-through once a week and get my tea of the week latte.)

(And for the record and doing right by the FTC, Yogic Chai did not pay me any moola to promote their products.  Just tea.  And since it was delicious, I am passing the rec on to you.  Go, go get it.)

3 20 10 Tea 022

Self-Portrait of Tea Time

Save 15% on your order at Yogic Chai using the code “meghan” if you shop by Wednesday, March 31st!